Digital Nomad Design specialise in

  • Beautiful, intuitive websites
  • Small businesses solutions
  • Customised e-commerce platforms
  • Captivating content and graphics
  • Sustainable web & email hosting
  • Ongoing maintenance contracts
  • Digital marketing services


Women in Finance Asia

Private Financial Services Group

We worked with Oli and Digital Nomad Design on the creation of our website. Towards the end of the process, we had a change of personnel, and Oli was incredibly patient talking through with the new staff member all that needed to be done.

The end result looks amazing, and Oli has been very helpful with after-care as well. We highly recommend working with Oli and Digital Nomad Design.

My Beehive

In Vitro Fertiziliation Support Group

Digital Nomad Design’s approach to work is that anything and everything is possible, making the working relationship smooth and open. They adopt a very forward-thinking and proactive approach to their work, and the team has shown a real genuine interest in the growth of my website and my brand since the start.

Dave Shrimpton


I love working with Oli at Digital Nomad Design, I used to run a large design agency where building a website was such an pain, took months and a huge amounts of money, in fact by the time it went live it was already out of date.

Not so with Digital Nomad, I love my new site that’s was completed in just three week from start to finish. Oliver takes care of all the maintenance and servers. Keeps me updated on how the sites performing.

The Home Stylist

Interior Design Agency

I’ve loved working with Digital Nomad Design, they’ve made my life a lot easier! About a year ago I needed and wanted to rebrand my company; I instantly loved their ideas and concepts.

They’ve managed and manage the whole package for me from Company branding, building the website, managing this on a monthly basis, copy, social media, building database, printing designs and are still coming up with some great ideas to keep improving everything.

Digital Nomad Design also work well with the rest of my team who are not only based in Hong Kong but Singapore and the UK. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Rowena Hunt

Yoga and Wellness Coach

Digital Nomad Design have transformed my website and brought it into the modern age. I am very specific about what I like and how I want to portray my brand, but I have almost no knowledge on the correct terminology or technology needed to make it happen.

Digital Nomad Design have helped me, guiding me step by step, to translate my brand and website into a user friendly, effective and clear interface that truly reflects who I am and what services I offer to my clients.

I am so grateful as they made a very scary process very simple by breaking it all down for me and were very patient as I took my time to understand and respond to their requests for information. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs to create a website.